P&S Today

It goes without saying the once proud Pittsburg & Shawmut is in very sad shape.  Of course the remining operating areas are run by G&W via B&P R.R. with most activity in the Brockway and Kittanning areas. 

The mainline from south of Rayard to at least the north side of Mahoning Yard is gone, a sad sight.   

A few weeks ago P&S fan Corrie took a sad trip from Knoxdale to Mauk and sent photos of Knoxdale, Coulter, and Mauk tunnels as well as East Branch and Sprankle viaducts. 

Here’s the north end of Knoxdale tunnel.


Here’s the south end of Knoxdale tunnel. 

Next is East Branch viaduct from the north end.

Now we visit Coulter Tunnel from outside and peeking inside. 

Sprankle Viadict is next first from the north end then from below looking up. 

Finally is Mauk Tunnel north end.  Thanks Corrie!  


Here’s the north end of Mauk Tunnel in happier days, one of few of my own P&S photos taken long ago.