Over the years the Shawmut interchanged with other railroads such as The Pennsylvania, Baltimore & Ohio then later Conrail, Buffalo & Pittsburgh, etc.   So I thought it would be nice to show some photos of interchange points and other photos of the neighboring lines. 

While some of thsee neighboring RR’s didn’t interchange or connect directly with the P&S these lines often worked together for various things such as equipment maintenance, etc.   

This one is a bit of an unusual “neighbor” photo if you can call it that.  The P&S sometimes leased units to other railroads, here in 1972 the 233 had been leased to Lehigh Valley in this unique look with a LVRR switcher!  They also leased the 237 to LVRR. 

This one sure hits home, it today’s B&P track over Glade Run in Dayton, my hometown.   Of course when I lived there it was the B&O and I walked these tracks and over the bridge many times.  This is an Evan Kenner photo, and really hits home, Evan is a volunteer at Dayton Fire Dept., also a 911 dispatcher. 


Four photos below is LEFC caboose 11 from David Baer, here is the 11 on display at Mahoningtown also from David, quite a difference!


Across the Allegheny from the P&S at Freeport was the tiny Kiski Junction Railroad, KJRR along the Kiskiminetas River just before the Kiskiminetas joins the Allegheny.  David Baer took these great shots in October 2014.  The Kiski was well noted for repainting other railroad equipment such as the Lehigh Valley 126 seen here.

Another good neighbor to the P&S was Lake Erie, Franklin, & Clarion.  In November 1983 David took this of one of their Northeastern type cabooses.   After the LEF&C was gone some of their 100 ton hoppers with the watermelon logo were acquired by the Shawmut.  


One of my favorite photos is here at Freeport from John Hartman.  Here the P&S interchanged with PRR in the earlier years then ConRail, and finally Norfolk Southern.   This is a P&S train actually out on NS, the actual interchange point was in the upper left near the NS bridge across the Allegheny.   






After the “low grade” became Mountain Laurel in the 1990’s Falls Creek was the interchange between the P&S and BPRR in this photo by Olev Taremae from David Baer’s collection.   Once the Shawmut became the “PSR” under BPRR, the diamond where PRR crossed B&O was removed.  

Here we’re at Lawsonham where the Red Bank and Mountain Laurel interchanged.  First came the Red Bank which was the Red Bank and Conrail interchange for a short time before the P&S purchased the low grade from Conrail which then became the Mountain Laurel.  


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