P&S Modeling



Nick Damore sent some photos of his excellently detailed Shawmut HO models.  In this scene P&S employees are holding a little conference.


On Al Crate’s excellent layout, in Brookville even, a southbound BVL1 rumbles over the “BV” trestle over Red Bank Creek while a Conrail train passes under it on the Low Grade.


While my HO P&S layout is more like true model railroading picking up and setting out cars, I still enjoy my “micro” sized layouts such as this one with Z scale GP7 P&S 357 with a short train inside a briefcase.


Just a few months ago I did this 18 inch diameter Z scale layout which here two Mountain Laurel units roll by, assuming they were rebuilt to GP35 status. 🙂


Here’s a short clip of Al Crate’s P&S HO Layout, we have featured many photos of his great layout here over the years.


Above is the link to video of my HO layout taken by Dave Edwards back in December 2018.  Have made some operational and other changes since then, but it is basically the same. 

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