P&S Modeling

                 MODEL TRAIN YARD

This section is for those Shawmut fans who also keep the P&S alive with model trains, myself included!   I’ve heard that many model railroaders build models and layouts reflecting their younger days. 

Since recently adding the “Neighbors” page (accessed at the top of the main page) I soon realized I didn’t have any N scale LEF&C hoppers so off to Ebay I went, problem solved!   The 1775 & 1949 lead this short N scale train on the 16 inch diameter layout.  


Andy Brouse finished his riding model of the 1776, here’s a look at the awesomely detailed unit!   Further down is another roster shot and one of Andy riding behind it as well as other photos of the progress!   GREAT JOB!!

Here’s a view looking northbound from Dora on Al Crates really cool P&S HO layout!

Here’s a view from my 16 inch diameter N scale micro layout where P&S 1775 and 1891 roll past an abandoned coal loader and siding. 

Bob Bueller recently completed his long task of creating three HO SW9’s for his layout in this beautifully detailed scene at Timblin station.  Bob says that’s Elmer Shick at the door and his Uncle Jimmy climbing into the 1954 Ford dump truck on the right.  The backdrop is temporary, but is from his Aunt and Uncle’s farm about 3 miles north of Timblin.  

Now, for comparision here’s the real Timblin station long ago with railcars 502 and 503 that Bob mentioned on the main site page. 


The photo above is from Al Crate of Brookville, a northbound with GP7 357 leading a SW9 has just crossed East Branch Viaduct. 

Above is a another from Al looking at the north side of the Sprankle Mills Viaduct, in the distance is Coulter tunnel’s south portal.  Below is the south end of Spankle Viaduct. 

Kurt Weisweber models the P&S in HO scale and here two SW9’s in red and yellow move a string of coal hoppers with one of the two bay window cabooses bringing up the rear.  

                     A SPECIAL MODEL! 

Late last year we heard from Andy Brouse in Central PA who was building a 1/6th scale P&S SW9 1776.  He finished the unit in late May and here’s two roster shots of it and another of him riding in the first car, great job! 

Below are some other photos of Andy’s 1776 in progress.   


Andy’s “Betsy Ross” is coming along fabulously!  The next steps will be adding trucks, etc. so it will be awhile until his next update.


Aboveis Andy’s P&S 1776 update from 11/23/21.  Below are some earlier photos of its progress.

Andy sure has done a fabulous job on a model like no other!

Here is Nick Damore’s excellently detailed P&S bay window number 151 along with two red and yellow Shawmut HO swithcers.  In this scene P&S employees are holding a little conference, note the P&S “Hi-Rail” station wagon.

On Al Crate’s from Bookville excellent layout, a southbound BVL1 rumbles over the “BV” trestle over Red Bank Creek while a Conrail train passes under it on the Low Grade.



Here’s a short clip of Al Crate’s P&S HO Layout, we have featured many photos of his great layout here over the years.


Above is the link to video of my HO layout taken by Dave Edwards back in December 2018.  Have made some operational and other changes since then, but it is basically the same.