P&S Tunnels

P&S Tunnels

Another fascinating interest about the P&S were the five tunnels spread out in the middle section of the railroad.  There were Knoxdale, Coulter, Mauk, Mack, and Mahoning.  Here’s more info about them including length and approximate location & milepost.

Knoxdale (west of Knoxdale) – 812 feet – Mile 28

Coulter (south of Coolspring) – 2025 feet – Mile 36

Mauk (south of Sprankle Mills) – 1980 feet – Mile 39

Mack (south of Distant) – 848 feet – Mile 57

Mahoning (north of Templeton) – 1014 feet – Mile 61


North to South the first tunnel is at Knoxdale and David Baer caught a southbound in March 1991 just after emerging from the tunnel.  The train was also somewhat odd having two GP7’s and one SW9.  Of course, this was during the short Red Bank, Mountain Laurel area and all available power was needed.  Also, behind the power was a tank car of diesel fuel  heading to the engine shop at Kittanning to fuel the engines there.