P&S Trestles (Viaducts)

P&S Trestles/Viaducts 

One of the many fascinating things about the Pittsburg & Shawmut was their trestles which on the P&S were called viaducts.  This section is about the longer trestles, but there were many smaller bridges over creeks, roads, etc..  

From  North to South there were trestles at Brockway, North of Brookville, Sound of Brookville Yard, East Branch, Sprankle Mills, Nitro/Pine Run/ Little Mud Lick, Sugar Camp, Colwell, North of Mahoning Yard, and Reesedale. 

There were thru truss bridges crossing Mahoning Creek south of Colwell, and the big thru trussbridge crossing the Allegheny River at Reesedale that were also called viaducts.  

Here’s length info about the viaducts: 

Lanes (Delwood/Brockway – 695 feet

Little Mill creek (Brookville N) – 756 feet

Brookvile (Brookville S) – 785 feet

East Branch (south of Knoxdale) – 1478 feet

Sprankle (Sprankle Mills) – 1430 feet

Sugar Camp (Putneyville) – 660 feet

Mudlick (Putneyville) – 630 feet

Mahoning Creek (Colwell) – 508 feet

Mahoning Creek (North of Mahoning Yard) – 310 feet

Allegheny River (Reesedale) – 1124 feet


The first sizable viaduct and a rather unique viaduct was heading railroad south out of Brockway where the Shawmut crossed RT 219 (Pittsburgh Buffalo Highway) as well as the former BR&P/B&O now B&P, and Rattlesnake Creek in this photo from S. Kolata.

A short southbound with three Mountain Laurel units stretches out over the Brookville curved viaduct.

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